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2017 General Election - Parlimentary Party Candidate

We are pleased to list our candidates for the General Election 2017

Dominic Cook -- Central
Dennise Dawson -- South East
Howard Denby -- Heeley
Shane Harper -- Brightside & Hillsborough
John Thurley -- Hallam

UKIP 5 Pledges

1. Cut Immigration

Immigration system fair for all; Border and coastal security reinstated.

2. A More Secure Britain

Recruit 20,000 Police and 20,000 Soldiers; Rebuild our Armed Forces.

3. NHS Before Foreign Aid

Fund 20,000 nurses and 10,000 GPs; Scrap hospital parking fees.

4. Protecting British Culture

One legal system for all; Defending hard-won equality and free speech.

5. Modern & Fair Democracy

Full Brexit; Abolish the House of Lords; English Parliament; Proportional Representation.

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall to stand in Boston & Skegness

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall has announced that he will be standing in Boston and Skegness in the forthcoming General Election.

Paul said: "It is a great honour and a privilege to stand for UKIP in Boston and Skegness. The constituency voted overwhelmingly for Leave inspired in part by the massive betrayal of our fishing industry by successive Governments, something that today's Conservative Party led by Theresa May looks set to repeat.

"I will make it my mission to stand up for the people of Boston and Skegness and ensure there is no backsliding on Brexit."

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